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Traditional weight loss and health retreats have become difficult or irrelevant. Learn the skills that will ensure your long term success from the best teachers in the world and get results that transform your life forever.

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We Know What Makes Humans Happy

Social connections, adventures, the outdoors, movement, clarity, vitality, meditation, mindfulness, love, joy and peace.

That's why the Kokoro Virtual Retreat incorporates all of this to provide a complete and balanced mind-body-spirit approach to living life to the fullest, built upon a unique blend of ancient wisdom, modern science and rigorous, real life testing.

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How Long is the Virtual Retreat?

5 days. It's exactly the same program as we would run for our world-class face to face retreats just without a few of the excursions making it a 5 day retreat. It comprises all the resources to help you take the next step on your health journey, no matter where you’re starting and give you immediate results.

Where is the Virtual Retreat?

Online using our desktop platform or our dedicated retreat app.

You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning, follow classes, workouts, meditations, breath work, yoga and so much more. And you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community. All on one revolutionary online learning platform.

When is the Next Kokoro Virtual Retreat?

Our Virtual Retreats run throughout the year and dates are released well in advance. The next Kokoro Virtual Retreat starts on 1st February - 5th February. 2021. So book your time off work now!

How Does The Kokoro Virtual Retreat Work?

Exactly the same as it would at one of our award winning retreats. 

Your entire transformational 5 days is completely mapped out for you to ensure that it is periodised and progressive. Each session builds upon the last so that you have no need to worry if you will get left behind or that you 'won't get it'. 

You'll receive full instructions inside your welcome instructions along with the complete program for the week. Prior to each session start throughout the day and week you will receive an email about what to expect in the next lesson and what you'll need prior to the start. Simply choose if you'll be using our dedicated app or desktop version.

Who Are My Coaches?  

Kokoro's Founders are the world’s best teachers in every category of human transformation. Whether it’s health, holistic mindset, weight loss, nutrition, holistic medicine, meditation, yoga or fitness - Kokoro's ecosystem ensures you always learn from world - class coaches. 

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Justin Lord

Raised by the founders of a well known retail health shop brand, Justin rose to fame very quickly securing the top spot as ITV's This Morning health and fitness guru and celebrity trainer.

Before progressing onto Channel 5, Bio Channel, Channel 4 & Dubai One TV, Justin undertook the challenge of running 1000 miles from Cornwall to Scotland, and back; an ultra marathon every day for 30 days. 

As a former Royal Marines Commando and war veteran, Justin not only displays all the qualities required to lead and to coach, he also has the qualifications in mindset and nutrition to match and continues his commitment to growth by undertaking his Doctorate in Holistic Medicine. 

Hailey Coxon

Having been involved in the industry in some way for over 20 years, Holistic Mindset Coach Hailey lives and breathes the lifestyle of finding balance using a whole body mindset.

Coming from a supporting background and always aspiring to be the best version of herself, Hailey enjoys a challenge and has experienced plenty, whether chosen or not.

Growing up on the Isle of Man, she was not only exposed to the beautiful island living but also motorsport.

Her background not only includes health and wellness, also working in TV and film both behind and in front of the camera, predominantly in motorsport. Having spent a few years running up and down pit lanes all over the world interviewing all sorts of characters, Hailey now works with The Spirit of Motorsport online community, hosting and creating content to entertain fans.

Life challenges have sent Hailey to places that have sent her to finding a path of empowered health, seeking to own every part of her journey and those techniques that have supported her growth and healing, Hailey has trained in and now developed her own method to support clients in reimprinting their connection to the old, recalibrating the new. 

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If you're out on a walk with us, we're with you. Step outside for one of the workouts - we're there. Want your lesson on the big screen? Plug us in and tune in. 

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Sharpen The Mind

Sessions to prevent sabotage, generate consistency and drive you to a clearly defined goal.

Reshape Your Body

Follow along workouts, exercise education and never before heard nutrition sessions that will blow your mind.

Tap Into Your Soul

Connect mind and body using yoga and develop self esteem with sessions designed to transform the way you see yourself.



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  • Lunch (All Recipes Provided)
  • Nutrition or Mindset Breakthrough Session
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  • K-Flow (Kokoro Yoga)
  • Dinner (Recipes Provided)
  • Evening Mindset Task
Jamie Meaton

"Justin is an amazing coach he’s making me sit up and listen and see things in a way I have never done before."

Lauren Roberts

"Justin is simply the best coach I’ve ever met, and I’ve worked with quite a few! His no-nonsense, get-it-done approach, balanced with how much he genuinely cares and goes the extra mile, as well as his own background and story constantly inspires me and makes me up my game. His approach is unique."

Debbie Godfrey

"He has changed the way I think, eat and live. It’s been a game changer. Honestly I can’t recommend him highly enough. A kind understanding mentor you’ll want in your black book forever.."

Debs Hurst

"What a difference a Justin Lord makes. I’m very happy in life & feel wonderful. So much energy through following 16:8 fasting & healthy eating, self love meditation, improved sleep (apart from the very rare work stress) these days. 3 stone down - LOVE you Justin"

Bridget Blue

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Angie Birman

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The world has changed in a short space of time. We have the ability to change too during this period; we have a choice to evolve or stand still. Choose to replace feelings of isolation, fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, heaviness and lethargy with feelings of balance, clarity, empowerment, tranquility, enthusiasm, connection, vibrancy and purpose.

There is no better time to focus on your wellness than right now…

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